Metamorphic Practice

Why do clients come for a session of Metamorphic Practice?

Many clients have reported Metamorphicbeing drawn to a session of the Metamorphic Practice at a time when they are feeling stuck in a limiting pattern resulting in physical, emotional or psychological disease; relationship issues; depression; or a dissatisfaction with life in general. Others are drawn to Metamorphic during a process of transition such as career changes, moving house, divorce or bereavement. These patterns may manifest in a sense that there is more to life than the limited existence they are currently experiencing or that they could be managing their transition in a more positive and constructive way. They may be drawn to a session of Metamorphic because they wish to make deep inner changes without having to dig up and analyse the past. Clients have often spent considerable time and energy trying to change their lives for the better but the pattern remains and, whatever they do, the same old issues arise time and time again acting as obstacles which get in the way of them being all that they are.

What happens in a session?

The Metamorphic practitioner acknowledges the natural process of transformation, a level beyond change. A life form which cannot transform is locked into a pattern and will eventually deteriorate, and all change is reversible. Transformation is permanent: the butterfly cannot go back into the cocoon to become a caterpillar just as an oak cannot return to the pattern of the acorn.

The earth, acting as catalyst, loosens the pattern of the acorn seed which, having served its purpose and fallen to the ground, transforms into an oak with the potential to create hundreds of acorns; a forest of oaks. For transformation to occur there needs to be contact between the earth and acorn. Likewise, the client, in need of a catalyst, comes into contact with the Metamorphic practitioner who, using fingers and thumbs, applies a soft touch to the client’s feet, hands and head. According to many clients, the experience of a session can be profoundly relaxing. Limiting patterns, having reached their sell-by date, can transform, and clients have reported that they experience a finer reality of new horizons free from the baggage which no longer serves them in fulfilling their potential.

Is it safe for everyone?

Yes. It is self-empowering. Metamorphic Practice can be received on its own or alongside conventional or complimentary approaches. It can be safely used by everyone. Pregnant women can receive sessions with absolute safety as often as desired. Children love to have their feet done. Many children who suffer with various chronic disabilities or learning difficulties really enjoy receiving sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

The client is free to receive sessions according to their own personal preferences and needs.