KeithWelcome to The Foot Whisperer!  I hope that you will find on this site the information you need to decide if I may be able to support you. If you have any questions about the techniques I offer, please give me a ring on 07743 696353 or 01424 532689 to have a chat.

I am a practitioner specialising in Reflexology, Microsystems Acupuncture and Facial Massage. All of these approaches, either separately or in combination, can support you to achieve balance in your physical, energetic and mental and emotional life.  When we have greater balance we feel more comfortable and energised and it is easier for us to be effective in our everyday life. We can see better what obstacles are in our way and find ways of working with or around them. The approaches I use are often successful in alleviating specific physical issues as well as supporting better overall health.

When we meet, or when we speak on the phone, you can discuss with me the issues that are causing you problems and I can suggest what approaches are likely to be effective. You may know what kind of treatment you would like to receive or we can talk about the options you might want to try. We can also think about what lifestyle changes or natural health techniques you could apply to further improve or maintain your health.

I practise from my clinic Happy Soles, in St Andrews Market, Hastings and Gover Gym near Heathfield, East Sussex. In special circumstances I am also able to offer home visits in the local area.

What do clients come to me for?

Clients come to see me for a range of reasons:

– physical pain such as injuries, back problems, sciatica, arthritis

– issues stemming from tension and stress

– poor sleep

– support in pregnany

– hormonal imbalances and related symptoms

– improving energy levels and the immune system

– mental health problems such as depression and anxiety or panic attacks

– holistic support when dealing with severe or life threatening illnesses

– support to overcome addictions such as smoking by giving relief from cravings and promoting relaxation

Cosmetic treatments

I also offer completely natural, holistic beauty treatments using scalp and facial acupuncture and facial rejuvenation massage. These approaches work at both a superficial and deep level – promoting a more fresh and youthful appearance of the skin and muscles of the face, while establishing greater balance and health from the inside out. These approaches avoid the negative effects of chemical or surgical approaches to beauty treatments, and also benefit your entire system through the promotion of deep relaxation, better sleep and energy balancing. See the testimonials section for feedback from clients.