Toning sagging jawlines with acupuncture

My experience working with clients has shown that Facial Acupuncture very quickly improves the complexion. I’m so pleased when I observe the beautiful glow of the skin after just a few sessions – radiating energy and taking years off the face. Eyes can also quickly appear larger as the forehead and eyelids lift.

The jawline has, in my experience, taken longer to tone and tighten. This led me to experiment with stimulating points along the jawline more intensively and with a particular pattern of needling technique. The outcome of this new approach has been remarkable in terms of tightening skin along the jawline and clients have been very happy with the results.

I’m very much looking forward to my next intensive cosmetic acupuncture and facial massage day on Sunday March 4th in the lovely surroundings of Ms. Master’s retreat centre in Fairlight.

I also offer sessions in Hastings from Happy Soles and discounts are available on blocks of sessions.




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