Metamorphic Technique Sharing October 7th 2018

I’m excitedly anticipating meeting all of you who are coming to participate  on Sunday 7th. I’m very much  looking forward to giving a session of Metamorphic Technique and hearing updates on your practice.

We’re tremendously fortunate to have been invited into Cecilia Master’s lovely new home overlooking Hastings old town and the sea.

The sharing groups provide an opportunity to give and receive sessions and to discuss any questions that may have arisen since participating on a workshop. What a great opportunity also to connect with other Metamorphic Technique practitioners who you could potentially meet up with and exchange with at other times.

There are a few spaces so let me know if you would like to attend.

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Toning sagging jawlines with acupuncture

My experience working with clients has shown that Facial Acupuncture very quickly improves the complexion. I’m so pleased when I observe the beautiful glow of the skin after just a few sessions – radiating energy and taking years off the face. Eyes can also quickly appear larger as the forehead and eyelids lift.

The jawline has, in my experience, taken longer to tone and tighten. This led me to experiment with stimulating points along the jawline more intensively and with a particular pattern of needling technique. The outcome of this new approach has been remarkable in terms of tightening skin along the jawline and clients have been very happy with the results.

I’m very much looking forward to my next intensive cosmetic acupuncture and facial massage day on Sunday March 4th in the lovely surroundings of Ms. Master’s retreat centre in Fairlight.

I also offer sessions in Hastings from Happy Soles and discounts are available on blocks of sessions.




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Still a couple of spaces left on my July workshop….

After the wonderful weekend in June I’m very excited about my workshop next weekend. The environment of the yurt proved the ideal context to connect with feet, hands and head and all participants experienced a deep grounding in the work of the Metamorphic Technique.

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Forthcoming June 11th & 12th 2016 Workshop

The next Metamorphic Technique workshop is just around the corner and there are a few places left. The joy of the March course is fresh in my mind: the intensity of being that the ‘being of metamorphosis’ brings to practitioners of this extraordinary work is for all of us to experience. Life is transformation: the life force: the breath. We let it be practicing the simple ritual of the Metamorphic Technique. You are welcome to come and share a space free from direction.

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Forthcoming Metamorphic Technique Workshop

The workshop weekend of the 10th and 11th October is rapidly approaching. As I write only one space remains and I’m very much looking forward to meeting those of you who are participating for the first time and connecting again with those of you who have been on my workshops before.

As I approach a workshop weekend , I find myself reflecting on the years I spent with Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of Metamorphic Technique and the Metamorphic Association. My introduction to his work came when, out of the blue, I was given Gaston’s book ‘The Metamorphic Technique – Principles and Practice’ by a shaman in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil in 2000. Having travelled the world for twenty years exploring a number of different approaches to the practice of detachment, including shamanism, the work of Metamorphic Technique resonated with me and I was inspired to learn more.

Within a year I was living again in England and, in 2003, having met Gaston at a workshop he was teaching, he invited me to move into his house and learn the practice and teaching of the Metamorphic Technique and the organisation and running of the Metamorphic Association.

It’s a tremendous pleasure to share Gaston’s work with you all and to enjoy the art of Cecilia’s generous hospitality as she welcomes us again into her beautiful home.

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Places remaining on June 27th and June 28th Metamorphic Technique workshop

It’s just over a month before the Metamorphic Technique weekend at Cecilia’s beautiful coastal estate here in Hastings. I am looking forward to exploring this extraordinary work together – a celebration of life and creation with spectacular sea views, delicious food and cake. My times spent with Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of the Metamorphic Technique, were always focussed on noticing the facts, acknowledging their presence and letting them be. In noticing the infinite abundance, the opportunities to celebrate are very many. There is never a dull moment when one is initiated onto the path of the Metamorphic Technique.

Thank you to all of you who have committed to joining me for the weekend. There is a mix of absolute beginners and those who wish to deepen their experience of the work. Spaces are available so please contact me if you wish to join us.

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