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“I developed a frozen shoulder on my left shoulder, arm and neck region in August 2020.  The ache and lack of movement deteriorated over the course of 10 weeks until I could barely raise my left arm above my chest.

I finally decided to go for a treatment without going to my GP and opted for a castor oil pack treatment together with reflexology and acupuncture.  Amazingly, after just 4 treatments from Keith over the course of 4 weeks, I could raise my left hand above my shoulders.  The ache has reduced over the 4 weeks which means I can now have a decent night’s sleep.  Although my movement is still a little restricted and stiff,  it has improved so much that I am determined to make this a regular treatment with Keith going forward to ensure that I won’t get into such a bad state again.” Mrs. J.S. 2020

“Having had a long history of painful lower back and neck problems which had involved surgery, I decided to try Reflexology with Keith as I was still getting severe lower back pain making it very difficult to work and function normally. I was amazed to find that after a few sessions the lower back pain almost completely ceased. I have now been mostly pain free for a year and am no longer reliant on any prescription or over the counter pain killers.

Keith’s refreshing and positive outlook combined with helpful suggestions really encouraged me to concentrate on improving my overall health and fitness. The treatment, including acupuncture, also provided me with much needed support when my father died earlier this year after a long and difficult illness.

Keith’s acupuncture is so good I am having cosmetic acupuncture as well! It is working wonders on my face as well as lifting my mood and health. Thank you for all your help Keith!” Mrs. J.B. September, 2018

“I have benefited tremendously from the reflexology and cosmetic treatments that I have with Keith. He is a fountain of knowledge and sound advice. I look forward to the sessions and come away with a marvelous sense of well being and calm. It is very reassuring to have found such an expert in this field and I would not hesitate to recommend Keith…. everyone should benefit.” Ms. S.J. 2016

“Following chemotherapy last year, I was left with a problem in one leg. A couple of times the pain was so acute, I was taken to A&E by ambulance after not having slept for days. The hospital were very kind but the only assistance they could offer was to give me stronger painkillers. I was either in pain or in a dream world as the strong tablets were affecting my brain. I went to Keith at Happy Soles to see if reflexology could help. Following the initial consultation, I decided to have the reflexology and acupuncture treatment once a week. After the third session I felt a “shift” in my leg and found I was able to sleep better at night. Then after 5 or 6 sessions, I was walking without a limp for the first time in months. I carried on with the weekly session a while longer and then reduced the sessions to once a fortnight, then once a month. Before starting the treatment I struggled to bend down to put my socks on without help. Now I am back to full strength and doing exercise classes several times a week. There was an added bonus. I went to a birthday party the other week and someone asked if I’d started using botox as I looked so much younger!! Thank you Keith, it looks like the acupuncture is working its magic.” Ms. T. 2016

“I have received five reflexology treatments from Keith…..at Happy Soles. The treatments have cleared an acidic imbalance in my system and also developed an inner sense of peace and well being. Keith is very empathetic, sensitive to your needs and has a professional and amicable manner.” Katherine, Teacher 2009

“There’s no doubt reflexology works. I have been using this therapy, in the various countries I have lived, for about 20 years. Keith Moore, ‘the foot whisperer’, is without question, the most skilled and effective reflexologist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!” Laura, Businesswoman 2009

“After a period of overwork and feeling tired, run down and depleted, I had reflexology with Keith – what a difference! More energy, better sleep, feeling more relaxed and clearer – only wish I’d done it sooner.” Mr A.C. Psychotherapist 2009

“Receiving reflexology from Keith is to receive support for the whole self – mind, body and spirit. I’ve noticed improvements in my energy and mood, and have got over colds in a single day after having a treatment. Getting regular treatments is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Thanks Keith!” Dr. C. 2009

“This is the real McCoy! Now I know the real practice of reflexology having only ever experienced ‘foot massages’ before….” Dr. T. 2009

“My wife and I had wonderful sessions with Keith and, as ever, have come away with information that adds to our lives.” Jack Black, Life Coach 2009

“That old familiar spring is back in my step – wonderful!” Do, Retired 2003

“I was recommended to go to Keith because I was suffering from sciatica. Not only did the reflexology, together with Keith’s suggestions for some healthy life style changes, support me in getting rid of the sciatica but also my whole body benefited. I look and feel much more alive and my circulation has improved.” Mrs. M.W. 2010

Cosmetic Treatments

The other day I went to have my haircut. I sat down in front of the mirror and noticed that my jawline was more prominent than normal. I then noticed that my skin looked more healthy than it usually does and my eyes were no longer as hooded as they were.

I put it all down to what Keith calls cosmetic acupuncture. It works. Mr. R.O. November 2021

I was interested to try the 10 week course of cosmetic acupuncture with Keith as I think he is brilliant at what he does, he is intuitive and so passionate in his knowledge for the therapies he uses. I felt results instantaneously as it is not just a superficial treatment it also focuses on health and wellbeing from within. Looking back now my face has regained shape and structure that I never thought possible. Collagen has been stimulated and my face has a glow and plumpness once more. It has also really lifted the heaviness associated with age and gravity. Miraculous really! I highly recommend the course and follow up/maintenance sessions for those of us that don’t want to go down the road of needles and face lifts. J.W. Actor 52 years old. October 2021

At a time when there are so many cosmetic procedures on the market I am eternally grateful to have been introduced to practitioner Keith Moore. Keith is a highly knowledgeable and experienced acupuncture specialist who uses methods dating back hundreds of years to improve and enhance facial features and skin health. I fully trust the skills and methods Keith uses and I benefit from continued improvement of my complexion through the stimulation of natural collagen which keeps my skin looking youthful. Ms. F.B. Musician & Actor, October 2021

I first went to see Keith early on in 2018. I have to say that I was very nervous and sceptical about having facial acupuncture. However, I am now very happy with the procedure, after sessions with Keith. My skin is good after the course of acupuncture and I feel a lot more energised. Previously, I would wear makeup every day but now I do not need to wear makeup.                                                                  I am particularly pleased with my jawline, which is much more defined now and I do not have a “turkey neck” or sagging skin. Some of my friends have commented on this. I would certainly recommend Keith. He has a very good knowledge of the body and is highly professional, with a gentle touch.       Ms. G.W. Retired. February, 2019

Keith’s acupuncture is so good I am having cosmetic acupuncture as well! It is working wonders on my face as well as lifting my mood and health. Thank you for all your help Keith!” Mrs. J.B. September, 2018

Hi Keith, Just to let you know the fruits of your labour! My eyebrows really lifted (immediately and ongoing) and eyes are bright, forehead smoother and clearer (actually feels decongested and calmer) and mid-brow furrows hugely relaxed and reduced. And I slept really well. Can’t wait for the next session! So exciting. Thank you. Ms. J 2015

I look and feel soooo much better Keith – seriously. Magic needles methinks! A mini-transformation And it was really helpful to share my despair(!) and your wisdom! It really lifted me. Mrs. E 2014

“I thoroughly enjoy my facial rejuvenation massage sessions with Keith. I feel totally relaxed at the end of the session and my face is glowing. I have been noticing that my facial muscles seem tighter and friends have been commenting on how fresh and alive I look. I like the way Keith alters the session according to what he finds each time, tailoring the treatment to my needs.” Ms. R 2015

“Just to say that some of my oldest friends remarked last week that since they saw me a few of weeks ago my skin was looking amazing and that my crow’s feet were reduced!  They didn’t know that I have been having treatments with you, Keith, and were eager to find out more about the process when I told them.” Jo 2015

“It feels like perfect timing to be having these sessions as they seem to relax all my facial muscles which allows me to draw on a wider range of facial expressions, and be more expressive – rather than my previous, relatively narrow, repertoire from years of habit and tension held in my face.  A new start!” Mr. M

“I love having the facial massage sessions as it feels as relaxing as a full body massage with the benefits of having a face lift without surgery!” Ms. B

“Good morning, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to text so please forgive me butting in to your Sunday. I looked in the mirror and was amazed at my reflection. My skin is so radiant and ‘plumped’. Thank you and enjoy this amazing day.” Ms.T

“I have benefited tremendously from the reflexology and cosmetic treatments that I have with Keith. He is a fountain of knowledge and sound advice. I look forward to the sessions and come away with a marvelous sense of well being and calm. It is very reassuring to have found such an expert in this field and I would not hesitate to recommend Keith…. everyone should benefit.” Ms. S.J.

Metamorphic Technique

(Keith was a Teacher & Practitioner member of the Metamorphic Association from 2003 until he left in 2019. These testimonials were received during that period.)

“Keith is a rare being and it is his ‘beingness’ that makes him a fine practitioner.

For me, the greatest gift one can give another is to ‘hold true’, and over the years that I have known Keith I would say that this is what he has shown me above anything else.

He sees the great in everyone, he is steady, wise and compassionate ‘by your side’, and in such a way he holds the space for your healing, wholeness, potential to unfold from within the core of your being.

Your feet are blessed to be in his hands….” Kate Rupal – Practitioner and Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher 2006

“Receiving a session from you, Keith, is how I imagine it would be like to receive a session from myself.” Gaston Saint-Pierre, Founder of the Metamorphic Technique. 2010

“Our residents experience severe mental health issues, and I know, from feedback from them (and the staff who were also able to receive on occasions) that the Metamorphic Technique sessions were very therapeutic.” Lindsay O’Connor, Mental Health Services Activities, Thames Reach Bondway, London 2005

“MT is probably the most powerful and mysterious technique I have come across. MT is the perfect choice for anyone who desires change in their life but is too scared to act or simply doesn’t know which way to turn. by creating space for transformation it allows us to to be guided to a more fulfilling life. in my case after a serious of sessions, I found the strength to quit an unfulfilling job, went travelling, the set off on a new career as a holistic therapist- more suited to my being. eventually, I also found myself going through a relationship crisis, break up and starting a new relationship with a more compatible partner. MT did was not the cause. yet as I continued to change on the inside, the outer world had to change accordingly. things continue to shift as I move through life. having MT as a resource, life can never be boring or stagnant!” Pawel Wiacek, Therapist 2006

“I first went to see Keith when I found out I was pregnant with my son, Aidan.  A close friend of mine suggested I go to see Keith as I was finding it difficult to come to terms with the complete change of life that lay ahead with the birth of my first child, and I wanted to make sure that I did everything I could to ready myself for that change.  Even now, I confess that I still don’t entirely understand how metamorphic technique works, but I can say that it DID work for me.  After each session, I found myself feeling happier, calmer, and far less fearful of the future.  As my pregnancy progressed, and I started to feel Aidan moving, it seemed that he too was responding to each session.  From the minute Keith started, Aidan would start to move.  Throughout each session, he flip-flopped around, did somersaults, and generally let me know that he was also feeling energised.  Quite amazing really!  I continued to see Keith until I gave birth, and then visited again when Aidan was a few months old.  I took Aidan with me for one session and as Keith was working, Aidan was clearly trying to snuggle his way in to have some MT himself, as if he remembered the feeling that it gave him while in the womb.  The experience of my first pregnancy was one of the most joyous, amazing times of my life.  I felt confident, beautiful, radiant, energised.  I have no doubt that my feelings were in no small part due to having MT throughout this time.  I feel it allowed me to be more positive about the whole (potentially scary!) experience.  I would recommend MT and Keith to anyone, for any important time of change, or just purely if they are feeling a little fatigued.  Wonderful.” Jo, Mother, 2010

“This is not a talk therapy (which makes it popular with men). I like it because it gets results – fast – and because you cannot sabotage the process by over intellectualising what is going on.” Susan Clark , Journalist, Sunday Times, London 2005